They Make a Guess

I will have my baby anatomy scan in just a few days and I’m overly excited to see if it’s a ‘he’ or a ‘she’. When the doctor informed that my next visit will be my ultrasound check I wanted to drag the days to come to the said date.

But, yeah, P A T I E N C E!

Meanwhile, I let my eager students guess my baby’s gender. They, too, are thrilled to know in fact everyday they ask about my condition and the baby so I think I will bring them into the line of my pregnancy. Some of them judge my looks to guess for a baby girl. Some asked my family backgrounds as who dominates the household –female or males- for their bases. This makes me even happier because it seems our world has become wider and more people are impatient to meet our little one.

Well, we will see on Sunday who guessed it right. What’s your guess?



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18 thoughts on “They Make a Guess

  1. What a beautiful blog! My guess is that more of your students guessed “girl” because they want to see another just like you come into the world. I am looking forward to reading more of your posts. Good luck and good health!


  2. hello beautiful mommy to be…
    there is a quote by rabindranath tagore…every child born is a message from god that he/she is not yet discouraged by man:)

    i hope you have a healthy baby…take good care of yourself..


  3. I see you as a stunning mother-to-be. I see you as a beautiful mother too. I am also trying to make a guess if baby would be a boy or a girl. My psychic powers I guess is not working well lol. Be it a boy or a girl … it wouldn’t matter much because it’s your first born. Unless, you are expecting for a specific gender. I hope not, because a first-time mother must have the LOVE and all the welcoming warmth for the coming of the very FIRST BABY. I am already happy that I see you healthy and strong (not physically) but in your mind and in your heart. Goodluck Mommy !!


    1. I don’t mind if the baby is a boy or girl. It is a gift given and we truly asked for it. I just hope to have a safe delivery. we will love the baby with all our heart and if another one comes we will love the same. thanks for taking time to visit my blog and posts. I appreciate it. 🙂


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