Weekly Photo Challenge: Companionable

com•pan•ion•a•ble [kuh m-pan-yuh-nuh-buh l]
possessing the qualities of a good companion; pleasant to be with; congenial.

Your day will be pleasant if you have companionable things or people at your side. And if I have to list down the many things that I consider companionable, it would be the my top three favourites listed below. They are enough to make my day:

3. Purse
My purse carries everything I need – cellphone, wallet, passport, ID, pens, makeup and other important stuff that ladies consider a daily need. 🙂 Without it I am simply incomplete.


2. Pet dog
A walk at the park or beach with a loyal dog is better than in a party with unreliable friends. Sometimes it is even a better listener and buddy.

1. Sister and a friend -my best companionable people who have done plenty good things in my life; the two people closest to my heart because of their support, care and understanding. My days are not dull with them.

I hope you like my entry for this week’s photo challenge: Companionable.


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