Heart Steps

Innocence and modest valor to go with this magnificent trip
Fortified with a hopeful heart to complete the reverie in life
Against the keen contemporaries armed with power and wits
Though quivering I embraced myself and take a baby step
Collect divided thought; comfort shaky palms amidst sighs and angst
What shall I do, how do I figure out?

I glanced up high, oh, my breath must have been taken from me
The world’s so grand; life’s so sweet with perfect spices on it
So I take a big leap, arms wide open under the morning sun!
In high spirits I cried “I made it” and carry on to my fascination!
Splurge adventure, dance with nature like there’s no tomorrow
This is what I do! Follow my steps, who would want to?

So brisk! I never suspect! I never wait for
How odd things meander as I hear the ticking of my clock
Suddenly, I was disenchanted; devastated I’ve plunk on void
Yes, I yearn for these things! And yes, I resent them!
Oh, what shall I do, how do I break out?
Who can help my baffled heart?

“Halt, o heart!” I pant. I Breathe, I close my eyes!
Relish the arctic darkness and hit upon the true light!
Take a baby step back; dig up the optimism in the past
Hold myself, restore confidence, and banish fear
Out of the blue, a mysterious face comes into view
Who are you? Who are you?

A nameless chap confers a smile; extends a hand to guide and inspire
Shilly-shally, who is he? To the brightness he directs me
At the portal of shadows, light bestows a warm welcome
Thanks to the mysterious guy who holds my hand in time
Oh, what I want to do? Take countless steps with this man
This is what my heart wants! This is what my heart wants!



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