How I Stay Happy in a Long Distance Relationship

I’m a whiner but I never moan about my long distance relationship on Facebook or any networking sites,  even to family and friends. (Although, I made subtle attack once towards an ex but that’s all I’ve done when it comes to relationships, 😀 ) Many people ask why. Perhaps I’m just comfortable with it and I accept it in heart and mind. Before I involve myself into such relationship, I understand fully what I set foot in and prepare myself to face challenges and inconveniences that may come along the way.

Here are some things I do to make myself eventful while the partner is off overseas. They might be of help to any of you who seems lost, down and wistful.


1. Get busy at work. My work is perfunctory but it takes the biggest chunk of my time because I focus on every details. Sometimes I say I don’t take work seriously but it’s only superficial. I do take my day job seriously. I also accept part-time private tutoring after work and on weekends just to keep myself occupied.

2. Learn and study new language or art. I’ve always been fascinated by Spanish language so I tried to carry out a self-study of the foreign language in my most unoccupied time. At the moment, I am also busy with my photography and Photoshop lessons.

I love taking photos of flowers or plants.
I love taking photos of flowers or plants.

3. Learn and develop a new hobby. I chose photography as a new hobby. Investing a quality DSLR camera may be expensive but I used my old point and shoot for a start and bought a DSLR when I gather savings for it. Photography enables me to see and appreciate things better in a different perspective. I believe that in photography you could make ugly things look beautiful in the right angle. Going to places to take pictures is a plus and you can share quality photos on social networks and blog sites.

If only I was living in my own house and not on a rented apartment, I probably would try gardening; I love flowers and plants.

4. Blog I don’t think I take the best photos and write articles like the pros. But my passion to share what I have in the place I’m in at present makes me pleased. I just do what makes me happy. Blogging takes some of my extra time and the day just goes by unnoticed. At the same time I see what other bloggers share and find what they have to offer from their places, arts and talents. For me blogging is for self-improvement and a different form of education.

5. Learn to cook or bake. I always wanted to learn how to bake cakes, breads and cookies. Cake decorating also interests me. I can sell some of my home baked goods if I wanted to.

6. Learn dressmaking or jewelry-making. These hobbies keep me at home and perfect for homebodies like me. It’s a good way to showcase fashion sense and creativity but dress-making and jewelry-making seem hard because I think one needs proper schooling for drafting and cutting cloths as well as knowing the correct types of stones for jewelries. For now I am happy repairing and redecorating my own (used) clothes to make it look new. 🙂

7. Learn cross-stitching or crocheting. Just like number 5 and 6, crocheting or cross-stitching are perfect hobbies to beat time. I don’t need more training, I only need to buy patterns and make them.  I can make money out of my finished products if I want to sell them. Anything I can do that I can sell will give me an opportunity to earn and make friends as well.

8. Learn scrapbooking. I started scrapbooking when I got pregnant. I’m nearly finished with my pregnancy scrapbook and soon I will start my baby’s scrapbook.

If you try scrapbooking, you may share your scrapbook layouts online or sell them if you want to. Anything is possible if you are willing, able and artistic.

9. Start a small business. Any small business that’s legal (of course) and bring back small amount as profit will do and will keep you busy plus a chance to be in contact with different people. This will make you full of activity and create connections in the neighborhood or people in the community.

10. Volunteer to social services. Ok I’ve never tried this one but I guess it’s a good way to build camaraderie and connections. You can help the needy. Sometimes the society needs part time teacher-volunteer or healthcare-volunteer to serve in remote communities. This humanitarian deed will give you new experience and meaning to self.DSC_1063

And those are the things I  do randomly and willingly just to make use of my time while the partner is oceans away. Boring? Well, I get through the day happy so I don’t mind at all. Besides while doing those things my husband and I maintain a good communication through internet. We discuss our daily events, laugh together, plan together and even solve problems together. We keep each other informed of our leisure pursuits and chat about it. Above all, we have enormous faith and trust on each other which is very essential for a long distance relationship to last.

You may try some of what I’ve been doing or think of something that makes you happy and get busy as long as it is worth-doing. There is no need to post boredom and unnecessary thoughts or jealousies and dramas on Facebook. Don’t do something that begs pity or guilt from your hubby who’s already in loneliness for having been away from you. It only kills you both if not gives a new reason to fight. Rather, do something positive and be cheerful.  I bet your partner will be proud of you when you show him your efforts to be happy and stay in love even he’s away. Doing this is also a form of expressing your creativity and you will be over the moon when your husband tells you…

I’m proud of you. You’re the perfect choice!

😀     😀


6 thoughts on “How I Stay Happy in a Long Distance Relationship

  1. Hey you have a well written tips here..I like it very much keep it up. A very useful tips in blog i ever seen so far.


  2. Very well said. Being mindful of what we are into is a lifetime choice. We are the only one responsible whatever we do in our life. I like your template. It looks more organized. Goodluck Coco and more power!!


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