Your Life, the Book

If I were to choose my biographer, I would choose a famous writer or brilliant bloggers I know but not a celebrity. I will leave celebrities to acting even I know many of them can be reliable and great biographers. Or maybe after a famous writer crafted my life story and who knows my life is interesting enough for a movie then probably I can pick a celebrity to be me. 😀 (ok, today’s prompt really set me off  in reverie.) 😀DSC_0450

However, let’s move on to my biographer, I think I would choose Terry Prachett, an English writer, as my biographer even though I quiver for sure in front of him while I tell the story of my life piece by piece. ( I am easily intimated by brilliant people, my weakness!) I wonder how he would weave words and humor about me. I am very impressed at how he describes events and people’s character skillfully. I have read his Discworld series novels and all of them make me laugh. He has a unique control portraying a personality or character through words. And I’m curious how he would describe or name me just like his characters in Discworld e.g. Corporal Carrot, Rincewind, the Witches etc.

I also like John Grisham. I wonder how he would arrange words to add a little mystery to make my lackluster life interesting. 😀

Those are my two most-loved authors that I would trust my life story with.


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From a famous writer or celebrity, to a blogger or someone close to you — who would you like to be your biographer?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us WORDS.


9 thoughts on “Your Life, the Book

    1. It is sad indeed! 😦
      And I’m sorry about your father’s fate.

      I’d choose John Grisham. I still like his writing style! 😀
      Thanks for your comment and visit. Have a great day!


  1. Too brilliant choices. Sadly. Sir Terrence Pratchett was diagnosed with Early-onset Alzheimers disease, the same ailment my Father is stricken with, back in 2009.
    That brilliant wit and incisive prose set him apart as one of Great Britain’s finest fantasy authors of all time. It is so sad when brilliant minds like that are laid to ruin 😦


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