Eagle Creek

The purple-headed mountain,
The river running by,
The sunset, and the morning,
That brightens up the sky
All things bright and beautiful
The Lord God made them all!

I wish I could magically appear in this beautiful place…right now! 🙂 Great photos Bruce Czopek!

Bruce Czopek

Just got back from a three day packing trip in the Hoover Wilderness. Eagle Creek is  a high country gem hidden in plain site. The trail is easily accessible,  outside of Bridgeport, Ca and close to Twin Lakes. The trailhead is at Buckeye Creek campground. It is a steady climb from the 7200 ft. trailhead to  the 10,106 ft. end of trail five miles later.  The hike starts humbly but steeply on an dusty old logging road and after about mile and a half goes to a foot trail that enjoys playing peak a boo every now then. Eagle Creek shows up after a mile or so and this  watershed then goes from thick dense brush with close sides, to gradually widening, to wonderfully expanding, with Sawmill Ridge on one side and Buckeye ridge on the other.  Eagle Creek is lush. And the lushness continues till the very end of…

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