Daily Prompt: Flip Flop – Flipped the Flops

When I was asked what course to take up in college, Accounting immediately came to mind. So I enrolled and fallen in love with journalizing and posting ledgers those days. To make the story short, I survived the daily struggle with digits, graduated and landed in an accounting job. However, I never became an accountant which was my ultimate dream… at that time.

Peace and goodbye accounting!
Peace and goodbye accounting!

The change of heart started when I actually work in the field, saw the system of the company I was in, counting money not mine and accumulated six figures in a not so good way. I was shocked at how, we, people in the accounting department made ways to get certain amount from helpless customers or clients and even threaten them with legal actions when they cannot produce amounts to us without delay. I know not all who are in accounting field do the same as we’ve done but I was just unlucky to be deployed in a company that’s so clever and cunning when it comes to profit-making. I felt guilt, pity and I think I took it personally or was I too young to do such job? I didn’t know but my heart went to our clients. I realized too that I don’t have a heart for money-making. I didn’t see anyone happy because of my job, except my boss, rather most people I encounter especially clients hate me whenever I visit to collect money or just send a bill or accounts in their company. I resigned, took a different road, tried new things, and completely forget my ambition to become an accountant.

It was a huge decision to make. But I decided. I quit! 

Hello teaching!

I applied for a teaching job after having worked to few different jobs. At first I want to teach only for a year or two then apply for caregiver job in Canada, enjoy single life and travel if time and bank account permits. But I found teaching to be fulfilling in the long run. I enjoyed my colleagues’ companionship in the office and out, the parent’s appreciation of my efforts of teaching their 6-7 year old children and I came to like the country too. I realized in teaching, nobody hates me but the parents and children love me. I can see the results of my efforts at the end of the semester; students thank me for the learning they get from me. It is totally different from money-making.

Now I teach senior high school, forget my plan for caregiver job but still want to travel with my hubby and baby soon. And despite the teenagers’ manners and rebellious characters at work, I still enjoy teaching them because I found teaching to be a rewarding job.


This is my answer to today’s

 Daily Prompt: Flip Flop

Think of a topic or issue about which you’ve switched your opinion. Why the change?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us TRANSITION.



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