Another Flip-Flop Story

Once I had skin rashes and really made me uncomfortable at night so I decided to take my bicycle and headed to the nearest pharmacy from where I live to get cream or ointment.  When I arrived at the pharmacy I was surprised to see flip flops and shoes outside and thought “wow, good idea to maintain cleanliness!” All customers must leave their shoes, slippers or flip flops outside while purchasing medicines and some stuff that the pharmacy sells. So to conform their manner I arranged mine near the sliding door somewhat away from the rest (I guess there were 4 pairs) so it would be easy for me to locate them when I’m done inside.

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When I was ready for home I was totally shocked to see one black muddy boots outside the door and no more flip-flops! My flip-flops were gone! I waited for few minutes hoping whoever took it just ‘borrowed’ it for a while, but it was the owner of the boots who came, took the boots, just left and gave me stoical glance. I was left on bare feet and decided to go home hopelessly. I treaded softly towards my bicycle because the concrete ground was warm from summer sun and quite rocky.

Along my way home, some people stared at me and my friends laughed when they saw me pedaling my bike with no flip flops. Even the road construction workers smiled when they noticed my bare feet on pedals.  It made me smile too though because it was a different and unexpected experience. At the same time I was a little upset because my flip-flops were new and my bike pedals hurt!

Tsk Tsk! Leaving flip flops or shoes outside shops is not a good idea at all… or maybe good to the shop owners but not to customers. Beware when you visit some shops and temples in Thailand that don’t allow shoes inside. I’d suggest carry them with you or put them in your bag. 😀


11 thoughts on “Another Flip-Flop Story

  1. Your flip flops must have been very pretty for someone to take them away like that. I think your idea of placing them in a bag is a good one.
    Sorry about the sad situation with your flip flops. I’d like to think that the person needed them very badly and was willing to chance repercussions and took them.


    1. Not the fancy and expensive ones. They’re plain black rubber flip flops but I’m sure they would last long.
      I thought so too that the person who took them needed them badly and there’s nothing I could do at the time. Now I think I’m luckier because I don’t have to take other’s belongings for my own use. 😀


    1. You were lucky then 😀
      But they’re only flip-flops, I can always replace them. Although I was upset before, now I consider that experience as funny. Thanks for reading! 😀


  2. Gosh! Sounds like South Africa but I would promise you that you would have taken a photo now of all those shoes and in a wink of an eye they would be all gone. 😀
    I am sorry that someone stole you favourite pair of flip flops. That must have been so uncomfortable for you indeed. I would have been furious but heck, what can you do? Great tip too for people who visit places like that. 😀


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