Hey Repellant,

You’re not the kind of scent I’d like to have at home to greet my visitors but since you’re a great help, I tolerate your presence. You’ve killed nasty mosquitoes instantly and you’ve kept the flies, cockroaches and ants at bay. You’re grand at doing your job! My home is insect-free now and I’m confident to open my windows and doors without fear of dengue fever!

I just wish you were capable of doing a lot more things when I use you often though, like:

• Your fragrance turns to Hermes, Chanel or Clive Christian scents when I need you for social events

• Act as shield from people who always come to me and pour emotional junks because they drag my spirit down

• Shut moaners up by making them cover their mouth and run away from your odor; and lastly

• Be a repellant to people who ONLY remember me when they need something from me (e. g. borrow money, ask favor for errands and other tasks) so that they maintain a decent distance and pride.

I know it sounds selfish and anti-social but sometimes I need extra repellant powers to squirt some inconsiderate people. I do not intend to kill them just intimidate them maybe.

I really wish you were more than just an insect and mosquito killer.

Coco Di


4 thoughts on “Repellant

  1. Great post Coco and yes, I’ve also always wondered why they make stuff that repel insects but not people. We’re also allowed to kill innocent little insects but not people. So unfair. 😉
    The best way to repel emotional junkers is just to tell them : “You’ve made your bed..sleep in it.” and yes, it’s difficult as most of the times we so “polite” and don’t want to hurt feelings … but do they care about your feelings hon? Not a chance! For those that only knows you when you’re needed… the word “NO” comes to mind. Just keep saying ‘NO!’ They’ll do get the message after a while. Some are more dense than others but just keep saying NO! They make you feel like an old rag that’s just left there in the corner and they only use it when they need it. You are not an old rag and not re-useable for people like that. Let them fix their own problems! Strangely enough those kind of people are also never there when you need them, are they? Start cleaning out the clutter hon. People fall into that category too. 😀

    How are you and baby doll doing?
    *big hugs*


    1. Thanks so much for the very encouraging comment Sonel. I always have problem of saying ‘no’ to people who look helpless when they ask favors but in good times you don’t hear from them. ;-( I feel guilty if I don’t help and I feel rage when I learn I was just being used! So, yes, I started the clean-up and they won’t hear from me anymore.
      By the way I will have my ultrasound in the next 2 weeks and I will see if the baby is moving her head down 😉 I’m enjoying every kick and somersault of the little one 😀 Thank you so much for asking. You’re one sweet lady and you’re awesomeness rules! Have a great day! 😉


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