Baby’s Coming Countdown: Week 7

My last prenatal visit wasn’t perfect because my weight increased more than what was required. However the baby is perfectly fine – my consolation. My doctor wanted me to gain weight about half kilo per two weeks but because of my wild enthusiasm in cooking and eating these days, I gained 3kls in 3 weeks (previous weight 69, now 72)!

I know, it’s beyond the limit! 😦

Consequently, my sugar level increased to 147mg/dL from the normal 120mg/dL after the doctor submits me to 1h-GCT or 1-hour Glucose Challenge Test.  On Sunday, 4th of August, I will have a 3h GTT or 3-hour Glucose Tolerance Test and see if I have gestational diabetes. If diagnosed, I will undergo treatments to ensure my baby’s health and mine in the future. Now, I’m regulating or avoiding fatty, sweet and starchy food to bring back my normal blood sugar level.

On the other hand, to take away the worries I read more about gestational diabetes. It says it’s one of the common health problems to pregnant women in their last trimesters. But because I really wanted to have a healthy and safe delivery, I’m now following doctor’s advice! 😀 I hope it’s not too late!

Below are my tiny creations for the little one’s arrival soon! 😀

collage for baby


11 thoughts on “Baby’s Coming Countdown: Week 7

  1. Love those tiny creations Coco! She is going to look absolutely adorable in it! I can’t wait to see the photo’s of your little doll wearing them! 😀
    Sweetness, please don’t worry too much about all these medical labels that are added to your health. Think of all the mothers before you, even in the years before we were born. There weren’t all these fancy medical names then and no worries about too much weight gain or even all these tests done and they turned out just fine. Those mothers delivered healthy babies with no problem and lost their weight a few months after that. Just make sure you get enough rest, don’t do anything you shouldn’t do, like pushing around heavy furniture or fall down the stairs, eat healthy, take your vitamins, drink lots of water and stay calm and relaxed. That is the most important. You will have a healthy little baby girl and both of you will be fine hon.
    *big hugs*


    1. Thanks for this lovely comment, Sonel. I really appreciate it and your words really helped me think straight 😀 My mom told me the same too, she had 5 and she never worried anything about diabetes or whatever science terms of pregnancy complications and we were all fine ;-D
      Enjoy your day… and keep safe. 😉


      1. You should then listen to your mom and me as we are old and wise Coco…heheheh. You will be just fine as long as you just stick to your healthy habits and look how great you turned out as well hon.
        Enjoy your day too and big hugs to you and baby doll. 😀


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