Everything is a Joke that Changes Everyday, Seriously!

I walked out from my work space with an indescribable expression on my face because I could barely tolerate the inconsistencies consuming the people’s sanity… my sanity. I want to wander for a while, take a breathe of air before rushing back to work and follow the incomprehensible and changeable rules. I went to the coffee shop and took one cup of coffee, dragged my feet to the nearest park and sauntered. As I neared to a bench I saw a folded paper on the ground. I curiously picked it up and mechanically I made a big grin… almost laugh..! Thanks for reminding me that it’s only a joke!

Number 5 pronounced in Thai language is ‘ha’. Thai people write ‘hahaha’ as 555

Yes, there are times that almost everything we do at work is a ‘serious’ joke because of ‘daily change’ of rules, policies without proper notice. It drives us…me crazy! Imagine yourself completing a task for over a week only to find out it’s not necessary anymore… and it has been stopped for weeks too. You and your colleagues just say…”what!?!” Or when some people came up with something without information and details but immediately wanted results… Gosh, it’s worst than having a bad weather because at least the forecasters warn us of the coming storm. Funny sometimes… but most of the time combined with not so sensible things that are so infuriating. But what can I do? I am paid to ride on the daily joke at work. This piece of paper changed my perspectives today. I realized that going against the craziness makes me miserable and sad every day. Why rock the boat when it’s already rocked with unpredictable tides? I took the paper and put in my blazer pocket then rested on the bench. I closed my eyes for a minute and pleasantly took the delight of the cool breeze from the trees nearby. Few minutes later, I was at my desk and posted the paper on my computer so I could easily see it to remind myself of working seriously with the jokes.

Yes, we are jokers! Sometimes, we get angry, cry, laugh and even fight because of the jokes. But I guess that’s life. Others say life is a series of problems with solutions, I say life is a series of all kinds of jokes – sad, bitter, sarcastic, irritating or funny. This piece of paper will change my life only if I accept the jokes with all my heart…. Yep, give me time. I will adjust and accustom myself to all the jokes. Until now, I am still adjusting… I’m serious! 555…


The Daily Prompt Walking down the street, you encounter a folded piece of paper on the sidewalk. You pick it up and read it and immediately, your life has changed. Describe this experience. Photographers, artists, poets: show us TRANSFORMATION.


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