Thanks Extra Large Award

…goes to Chronicles of a Public Transit User and Ajaytao 2010. 😀

No, this isn’t actually an award. There’s no such award going around. I just made it up for the two kind bloggers! 😀

Few days ago, Chronicles of a Public Transit User nominated me the Bouquet of 7 Awards and  Ajaytao 2010 nominated me another Bunch of Awards. I am honored and thankful for the nominations. (They have interesting posts and photos, please do, check them out!)

I think this is a bit late but it’s better late than never post or give awards to others at all 🙂 I’m just lazy to take time to spread this and to even comply some instructions 😀 But I am not planning to rest this Award Giving in my blog so I pass this on to other deserving bloggers. I will post this link to their site to let them know they’re chosen for these awards.

Happy blogging, all!

Awards From Chronicles of a Public User

Bouquet of 7 Awards

wonderful-readership-award-head versatile-blogger-nominations1 sunshine-award most-influential-blogger inner-peace-award abc-award wordpress-family-award

Awards from Ajaytao 2010



For my nominees, you can choose some or take all!




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