Baby’s Coming Countdown: 4…3 Weeks..? ;-)

My DIY baby book is nearly finished too! 😀
I also make a pregnancy scrapbook. I just love to create something as token of this pregnancy journey with a personal touch! ♥

I think I lost count of my week because my doctor told me last Monday I was 36weeks, 4 days. Is this post supposed to be Countdown 3 Weeks? confused smiley photo: Smiley confused animated confused-anim.gif confused smiley photo: :confused: smiley-confused013.gifHaha, whatever, it’s ok, I’m still close to the correct counts besides we can’t really tell what day the baby comes. The 12th Sept date was an approximate calculation only.

I had 3 consecutive check ups the past few days because I had colds and fever and I need to ask the doctor for medication necessary to help subside the colds and chills and to check if the baby is not affected. Luckily, the baby was fine and I was given more calcium with vitamin C tablets. However, my sugar level soared high again at 145mg/dL after several hours of tests. It has been fluctuating since my 33 weeks but I managed to control it, but then again it has reached up more than normal so the doctor decided to inject me with Humulin (insulin). She could not wait for me to control my sugar naturally; hence the daily insulin shot is necessary for a week or until sugar level comes to normal. I also had another sonogram to see the condition of the baby and thankfully, she’s totally fine. She’s 6lbs and 3 oz already; her heartbeat, head size, my belly size are all in normal condition too. Fortunately this gestational diabetes came late in my pregnancy and caused no harm to my baby’s progress.

Today, she’s exactly 37 weeks and is considered full term.

My previous ultrasound showed she was breach. This time her head is down near the cervix already which is a good sign for having a normal delivery. Hopefully, everything goes right during labor so I can have a healthy and safe delivery.

We’re almost there!

happy dance animated gif photo: 1sm326happysun 1sm326happysun.gif


animated down arrow photo: Pink arrow Down pink--animated_down.gifBaby’s Coming Previous Notes:  animated down arrow photo: Pink arrow Down pink--animated_down.gif

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