What Annoys Me Most During Pregnancy?

I don’t do it and I don’t like it!

Sydnee's Corner

…… It’s the people I hardly know keep touching my belly!

In the beginning of my pregnancy, when my belly doesn’t show much, random people keep rubbing my tummy while saying ‘congratulations’, ‘wow’, ‘really?’… It annoys me because it surprises me. Why can’t they just say the words and keep their hands off? Eventually, I kinda accept the fact that these people can’t really keep their hands off my tummy, so either I avoid their way or let them touch and make excuses so I won’t stay long in front of them. But as my pregnancy progressed, the same people do the same stuff everyday…

Ok, I let them lay their hands on my belly out of politeness in the long run…but when they start groping my tummy to find my belly button I wanted to snap wrists instantly! That’s unacceptable for me!

I don’t know if other pregnant women…

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7 thoughts on “What Annoys Me Most During Pregnancy?

  1. Left this comment both places 😉 – in many cases some see with their fingers – where they always touch instead of just watching.- I think that pregnant women very often are very beautiful (you too) – but I wouldn’t dream of touching them on their belly without they had asked if I would… 🙂 😉


    1. 😀 thanks for doing so…
      It really annoys me because I’m not a ‘touchy’ person… and these people think we’re so ‘close friends’ that they have the right to do touch my belly… and I don’t want to get angry everyday because people always rub my belly everyday 😦 and it’s really difficult to make them understand that it’s not ok to touch my body or a pregnant woman’s tummy!
      Thanks for taking time to leave comments… I really appreciate it! 😀


    1. I honestly told my officemates that I don’t want to be touched and it was a long discussion… The men were easy to asked about it but the women argued saying they’re just happy and appreciate the baby hence the ‘automatic’ touching of belly! If they’re happy for me or trying to welcome the baby, saying well wishes is enough I guess..? I also have a theory that it’s a ‘culture’ issue. The non Asians at work never dared touch my belly only the Thais and my fellow Filipinos… (not sure of this one though 😉 ) but that’s my observation… Sometimes when I walk at school corridors suddenly someone came up to me and rub my belly without permission. Except my students who hesitate to touch me… so they ask if they can feel baby’s movements 😀

      Thanks for your comment, Sonel. 🙂


      1. It sounds like a culture thing and luckily we don’t have such a thing here in South Africa. Some strangers would have walked around with blue eyes and broken noses for sure if they tried to do that with me.. 😀


        1. haha, You’re lucky in there. I wish I could break someone’s hand as sample to all who dare to touch my belly again! If I do that, they would think of me as strange person; I think to all of them its a normal thing to do!
          Thanks for your comments, Sonel! Have a lovely day!


          1. Whahahaha! And put that sample hand on your belly as a warning? 😆 Well, after seeing that photo of yours I can’t really blame them Coco. You are so adorable and I think they just can’t help it when they see you. 😀
            You’re welcome hon and have a great day too! *hugs*


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