Weekend Simple Finds: Somtam Polamai

Somtam Thai or the Papaya Salad

Despite my gestational diabetis problem, my sister and I went food tripping around our area this weekend and decided to seek some Thai food that we haven’t tried since we set foot in Thailand. We ask suggestions from a local who also own a small shop and she recommended us ‘Somtam Thai’. Somtam Thai, also known as papaya salad, is a famous dish served with sweet and crispy anchovies. I declined the recommendation as I didn’t feel like eating raw papayas and anchovies and I’ve tried it already… many times.  I also had a distaste with Somtam when I tried the ‘Somtam Palar’ (Papaya Salad mixed fresh anchovies and crashed fresh crabs)! I could not bear the aftertaste!

Then my sister remembered that there was another variation of Somtam but it’s Somtam Polamai, aka, Fruit Salad. This one is prepared similar to Thai Papaya Salad but with less papaya mixed with fruits. I thought I might give it a try for I always hear it’s good but never had the gut to try.

But after I tasted this one I think it’s gonna be my favourite Somtam. It really tastes great!Approved Stamp of Approval smiley smilie smileys smilies icon icons emoticon emoticons animated animation animations gif gifs photo approvedsmile.gifthumbs up animated gif photo: 1sm084thumbsup 1sm084thumbsup.gif We love it!

Somtam Polamai

Other Food Collection and Discovery:

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