Meet Rose

DSC_0859Meet Rose, the tarantula!

Initially I don’t understand why this one year old, male tarantula was named Rose.

But my student (below) tried to explain in English why it’s named Rose. 

“My mother gave to me… a gift!”

Ok, no further questions.   😀

But I’m guessing that this is the Chilean Rose Tarantula. I’m not sure though as this is the first tarantula I dared to see or examine closely and photograph. I am not a tarantula enthusiast or so inclined to crawlies, spiders, caterpillars, bugs and the likes 😀 I just had the nerve to take a photo because it looked calm and harmful as long as I’m few inches away. Besides my student assured me that it moves quite slow so it’s ok to take a photo 😀


The  proud tarantula lover, Peragarn, who pets Rose during class discussion (below).  This made me annoyed at first so he hid it under his desk immediately knowing that I confiscate things when they don’t pay attention. But yeah, I only confiscate ‘things’ not tarantulas! 😀

So when our time was up, he showed me his pet and he fed this arachnid with worms.

And speaking of worms, I hate worms! I’d rather stare at tarantulas than take a glance at worms!

So he never let me see those tiny crawlies, just this tarantula for a pose!




18 thoughts on “Meet Rose

  1. I’ll take your word for it (or your student’s word) that this type of tarantula is not an aggressive nor venomous one. I am very wary of spiders and this large hairy one gives me the creeps! I suppose, one could try to find beauty in them….


    1. Thank you!
      Many of my students have unusual gifts from their parents on their birthdays. Few weeks ago, one got an orange gecko and the other a snake! Everyday I see students playing with hamster or squirrels! Weird!


    1. Right!
      Scared at the same time amazed that tarantulas can be pets and some bizarre people are willing to pay a price just to keep them inside their homes. In some areas in Thailand, they fry tarantulas, eat or sell them! Amazing Thailand, indeed!


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