Baby’s Coming…Today!

I will be out of the blogosphere for a couple of days and I am leaving this scheduled post to tell you that a new bud is coming out today and the family is keen to meet and see her!
Love Heart Hand
My doctor finally decided to give me a c-section operation today, 39th weeks, at 1pm Bangkok time, due to my gestational diabetes and baby’s conflicting position to avoid further complications. I was scared at first but it’s replaced with great anticipation to finally see the little girl!


Being in a foreign land, away from the husband and the rest of the family during this time is not easy but there’s no way of going back rather it’s just going forward. I am so thankful and quite glad that my one and only, ever-supportive sister and some friends are always at my side!

I’m gonna miss work, students, colleagues, blogging and fellow bloggers’ fantastic photos and write ups in a couple of days!

See you all when baby and I get back!

Happy blogging and stay awesome!

Blow a Kiss


19 thoughts on “Baby’s Coming…Today!

  1. Yaaayyyy that’s a good news, but we’ll miss you here, though. But the baby’s coming is already a blessing! God bless u CocoDi. Im excited for you come-back post about the baby ;-)))


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