Daily Prompt: Fear Factor – Fear of Caterpillars

Only recently I had a terrible experience with caterpillars. The more I try to stay away from them, the more they seem to attack me and it looks as if they knew I have extreme fear of their kind. The cause of my fear of caterpillars is unknown. I just don’t have a heart for them and as I grow older, an unexplainable dread towards them developed increasingly.

206334_10150145167052484_5985454_aOne day I had no idea how one caterpillar got on to my hair and stayed long there or in my shirt without my knowledge. I noticed a few minutes later, I feel a stinging itchiness around my neck and shoulders. I scratched the itchy area of my neck until it became red and I know sooner or later I could bleed my skin. Yet long before I could manage to further damage my skin, I saw the caterpillar crawling on my arm. Out of fright, I maneuver a hearty scream that made all people around me stare in awe and confusion as to what was happening to me. I was on a public bus en route to city to see few relatives then which explained why I could not change shirts to avoid more itchiness from the creepy creature that traveled around to whichever part of my shoulders, neck or head. The thought of it brought goose bumps!

 Too late to learn that vinegar is a good cure of caterpillar-caused skin inflammation. Although, a Tiger Balm and a virgin coconut oil was of great help to lessen the prickle at the time. My relatives provide some for me to ease the itchy feeling.

My caterpillar tragedy did not start or end that day. As if fate toyed and tested my endurance and patience to these miniature monsters. I saw bunch of black tiny caterpillars on the way to work before the bus incident. They marched in battalions that set me off to a zigzag walk. And the day after the bus drama, a huge one managed to enter my room uninvited. These pissed me off and saddened me at the same time. How can these little living things intimidate me? However I run away from these crawlies – centipedes, caterpillars, millipedes, etc., I always see them anywhere. So I decided to buy plenty of Baygon spray and spray all over the room floors and walls hoping they stay away for awhile so at least I can regain composure from their terrorism.

To calm my pounding heart I posted on Facebook as a status: Just posted a note outside my door: “NO ENTRY, all creepy crawlies and caterpillars! Death Penalty awaits violators!”


My entry to Daily Prompt: Fear Factor


6 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Fear Factor – Fear of Caterpillars

  1. Hope that all is well, and it sounds like a frightening experience…especially finding one crawling on you. I do have to smile a little at the thought of a caterpillar attacking someone 🙂 Take care!


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