Brrrrrry Cool Wednesday

A simple celebration was held at the school grounds today for the birthday of King Bumiphol, the King of Thailand. It is not my first time to attend such celebration but it’s my first time to blog about it. While standing and listening to the solemn songs, I imagined I stand in front of my father too, giving honor for his dedication and love to me or us, his children. My father’s birthday was on the 2nd of December, hence I thought of him when the ceremony went on..

Under the shining sun and cool December breeze, students and teachers line up to give honor to the king. My usual complaining mood was gone when the ceremony was about to start. Besides it was a cool day and I just feel like celebrating the event too.

Students playing the Thai National Anthem and the King’s song… The cool breeze and the solemn music combined effort to give me goosebumps. It was a very nice moment!

Students presenting a Thai traditional dance with Thai traditional costume and music. 

Such a nice weather… and feelings! Why? Well, it’s holiday tomorrow to officially celebrate the King’s birthday and Father’s Day! (✿◠‿◠)

Another set of cute students who presented a Thai dance wearing a modern set of yellow dress. Happy parents are present too to give support to their kids’ performances.

I saw this one dad trying to capture his daughter’s dancing onstage. He surely deserves a treat from the family. Happy Father’s Day to you and whole Thailand! 。◕‿◕。


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