Reminiscing Childhood Years

Today is Children’s Day in Thailand. Normally Thai people spend Children’s Day outdoors with the whole family. But because of the political unrest that Bangkok is facing, I doubt many families would spend long hours in parks, malls or recreation centers. They’d probably go to the nearest beach resorts or provinces. However this occasion makes me reminisce my own childhood years.

11I had a happy childhood and I will it treasure it forever. Although my family lived a simple life, I still believe that my family provided me the things that were necessary to mold me as a person I am today. I owe everything from my parents, of course, who gave me those happy memories.

I recall, on special occasions years ago when my grandparents were still alive, our family gather for dinner with special meals prepared too. Such gathering became a family tradition. My parents’ relatives and friends would come over to our house. They would bring musical instruments such as the guitar, bass and cello. Once we’re gathered, the dancing and singing seemed nonstop. My grandfather, a devoted Catholic, had an annual feast in honor of his patron saint so another gathering would be held and it meant another merriment. And as children, I, my brothers and sister as well as cousins and neighbors, play from morning till night. There were times too when I climbed mango trees and avocado trees, swim in ponds and rivers and even steal my neighbor’s pig because I wanted to have a pet! I enjoyed horseback riding with my father before I climb the back of a cow and even fell off from the back of a buffalo! The best part was when the family would go to the beach and spend the whole day there. We buried ourselves in beach sand and gathered seashells. It was so fun and I felt free. Now it seems so difficult if not impossible to experience again!

As children, we never had all the gadgets that the children of today enjoy a lot, but we were happy playing hide and seek under the bright full moon. Looking back those days makes me want to be a child again when all I need to do is go to school, eat, play and sleep! Now that I have a daughter to look after, I always pray that I can give her the best childhood she deserves. I want my child to experience the happiness we used to have as children so she’ll grow a happy person too!


2 thoughts on “Reminiscing Childhood Years

  1. Great post, I think the great gift any child can receive is a happy childhood…as they will always have it to reflect back to in life. You are very lucky, as is your daughter.

    There is something about the ability to carry a happy childhood into adulthood, perhaps it is knowing that being happy takes very little (just love, family and friends). Happy New Year!


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