Suan Rot Fai Park, Bangkok

DSC_1730I had the chance to visit my favorite park again last December holidays, the Suan Rot Fai Park. I wanted to visit downtown Bangkok but the threats of rallies and protests of red shirts party prevent me from pursuing my plans so I decided to take a second stroll at Suan Rot Fai Park or the Wachira Benthat Park. I’ve been there once but I vowed to see it again because I was literally amazed of this massive park. The last time I was there was unexpected and I wasn’t able to tour around well.

This time I was with two friends and it looked amazing than before. It has children’s playground, butterfly garden, fitness center, lake and ponds, fields of roses, cosmos, lotuses and other flowers. This park is great for picnic and relaxation. Anyone can bring the family at this leisure park and bring food that can be from your own kitchen or from the vendors at the entrance area.

The only way to get a full tour around the serene recreational area is to rent a bike at the entrance. You can use the bike the whole time you spend inside and return it before going home.


The first stop we took inside the park was the Bangkok Butterfly Garden. There’s no entrance fee so anyone can get in, take photos and check at the butterflies. We saw a lot of butterflies though it looked they’re of one kind only. I expect to see a variety. 🙂 However, we’re glad to see how they preserve and maintain the place.

We spent almost the whole day biking around the park. But there’s an area where bikes are not allowed so we had to walk. We didn’t feel the 37°c heat of the sun until we finished the walk 2 hours later.

The reason why I really wanted to go back is to see the flower beds and lotuses closely. Unfortunately, the lotuses are not in bloom this time. But still I enjoyed our tour and got to see the beautiful sights of Suan Rot Fai Park again! 🙂

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