Count your blessings!

Give thanks!

Be content!

Be happy!

Words that I don’t need to hear when I’m in anger!


I am in bedlam and all I need is silence! This is not the time that I appreciate any words that would make me feel angrier or guilty. This is not the time that I like quotes you deliberately share on Facebook that ridicules or criticizes  my patience. If you want to make me feel good, just sit there and smile and hold your tongue!

I don’t need you to agree with me because I understand you too have your own stand and opinion regarding the issue. Just don’t say a word!

Some people are just annoying when they open their mouth!

Yep, this is a rant from someone who thinks she’s in the right job in the wrong place!

1558591_10151794562317484_1566300789_nI’m sorry, Lord for I let anger consume my sanity even it was in a short time.

I have no excuse therefore I ask for more patience and strength to control my emotion and cruel imagination towards the people I don’t like. Help me accept their failings and strengthen my mind and spirit for changes and annoyances that are sure to cross my path daily.


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