Truth Bites


It is sad to find out that the people you value most are the ones who never care for you at all. I asked myself: Will the people I considered friends since our teen years care about me the same way I think about them? When I got the hint that I wasn’t even qualified to be in their circle, I just said my thanks as first step of moving on to a better life with nicer people. It hurts but it’s for the better. Burning bridges is not really easy but sometimes it is necessary.


2 thoughts on “Truth Bites

  1. Interesting. I always think keeping the bridge is nice because at some point in the future things (misunderstandings/etc…) may change the feelings of today. My thought, close the bridge down for repairs and only revisit under your terms (which I think is very similar to what you are thinking). Agree, it is always hard to move on, but moving on is the right thing (and hardest).


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