Daily Prompt: Quit Being Judgmental

One of my students last year was not not very smart but he’s got pretty good behavior. He looks frail and malnourished with scarry feet and legs as well as arms. He’s got well-maintained clothing though, sadly the clothes did not match with his appearance..? Honesty his outward appearance did not really suggest attractiveness.

One day his mother came to me and asked if I could tutor him privately for a couple of days before the Finals. I accepted and scheduled the tutoring days at their home.

It was a big surprise, literally! I never thought that on the first day, there will be a beautiful car parked outside my place and his mother was in it and brought me to a very big and beautiful house with security guards inspected my ID before I could finally get inside the residence! My jaws really dropped in awe and I could not believe in that instant that the boy has  RICH family! Man! I thought he’s just a son of a farmer. But the fact, his father owns more than two big textile factories and other companies!

I felt ashamed I could not even teach well because of my wrong judgments. I told the story to my co-workers and they too have misjudged the boy!


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