Almost Tired

y 027Everybody could hear the loud buzzing that signaled the start of her lecture. She marched in with huge confidence and joy then scanned the room with her usual playful glares towards frenzied number of teenagers. Seconds, minutes and another minutes have passed, she stood there like no one recognized who she was. Then the smile on her face was immediately replaced with a raised brow and wondering and speculation. The class continued to fool around, threw a fake smile at her, and went on with their misbehavior. Whew!

She struggled to make eye contact to get attention but failed.  Maybe to write few words on the whiteboard would give hints to students that she has arrived, needed to be listened to if not respected of being there at the time. Half the board has been penned yet the chatter increased and chuckles build up! Male students paced in and out of the room…And then she turned to face the class again only to see female students huddled in one corner, on the floor, gossiping and doing each other’s hair-braids…

 Alas, there’s one holding an eye contact with her! But sadly he’s strumming the guitar… She turned to the other side of the room…  another group were busy with their iphones!

 It was an afternoon of total roughhouse! The teacher wanted to yell and scream but opted to step out of the room without a word.

 A thought of disappointment and despair in her head: “You all pass anyway. We are not allowed to fail, yell, or impose disciplinary actions. I may punish you with more works…but my lesson plan has been handed back to me today with a red comment telling me not to give too much work!”

 Another day when a teacher’s love of true teaching is killed that way!


One thought on “Almost Tired

  1. …but then you come back another day, for you’re a teacher with “love of true teaching.” i admire those like you who stay and continue the love despite those days of being not “loved back.” 🙂


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