Summer Trek



It seems that it’s always summer in the Philippines when typhoon is not making threats or low pressure is not brewing in the pacific ocean. But the day we decided to take a hike to the foot of a mountain was a perfect day for such expedition.
There’s one color that dominates the place. It’s green! From our house going up to the hills and down to the streams everything’s green. The palm trees, coconut trees and grass are in flourishing green.
Saay (2)
That volcano is called Mount Hibok-hibok. I heard that many tourists have climbed on that mountain and even the locals gather at its foot for picnic or camping. One day, I will experience that and of course share such experience on WordPress. 🙂
My aunts who are so eager to reach at our destination. Although sweaty and feeling a bit jaded from the 4 kilometers walk, they were no doubt a player on that day. There used to be cars or trucks pass this road but because of heavy rains that caused soil erosion, the road is impassable by 4-wheel vehicles nowadays. Motorcycles can pass only during dry season but during rainy days, this is next to impossible for motorcycle drivers.
After some heart-stopping climb in hills, we passed by streams that offers a more than a little comfort. This one is clean and its waters come from a cold spring not too far from where I took this photo!
This is what I’m talking about and the destination of my two aunts. This is called Saay Spring. The water is cold and crystal clear and people literally drink from where it originated. Many tourists who like to spend a cool but quiet moment with nature, they come and camp here. Some prefer an overnight stay. They bring their own tent, food and necessary tools for safety and camping. A real experience to be with nature…
I’ve posted this view before but I want to include this on this post.
Aunty enjoying her swim in the cold pool. The pool was not supported by the government, not even owned by a private organization or individual. It is a concerted effort of the inhabitants of the area for their own use and get-together. But because of the area’s unique location and rare quality of water the place became famous to the province. Some tour guides, resorts and hotels recommended this place to their guests too. So those who like nature tripping they come here and spend some time.
Saay (3)
Across the pool is an old house/cottage where occupants are friendly and helpful to tourists and locals on their overnight camping
After we’ve rested enough, I asked my friends to hike further. I know the place and I’ve been there many times. It was first time for my friends so I acted as their guide. We walked through narrow grassy and stony paths.
This is what there’s to see. Another mountain where a large rock serve it’s wall from the ground. It used to be majestic but I guess the climate, weather and farming change its look.
Wild plant and flowers along the way as we went closer to the foot of the mountain
There used to be more varieties of wild flowers but my father said the floods have washed them away. The ashes and lava in the 1950’s created a flat stony, rocky area in between hills. I was lucky enough to see the different wild fruits and even monkeys when I was smaller as my father brought me here when he harvested coconuts in a nearby farm
A closer look at the “rock wall”. I call it the “rock wall” the first time I saw it because it really looks like a wall made of rock. My father said that I was petrified the first time we came here because I thought there were ghosts, fairies and aliens hiding inside. 😀
When I was smaller the cashew trees are numerous in this area. My father’s friend had a cashew plantation close to the area. This is the only tree left after several floods uprooted them.
Wild ferns and grasses with sharp leaves grow here. They are the most common plants that die and grown again no matter how many floods and dry days come to this place. Very tough and persevering plants!
Not much really were there as addition to what I’ve seen 15 years ago. Though the place changed a lot. We went home tired that day but all of us enjoyed the long walk. It was a fun thing we done during summer. I was glad I visited that place again.



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