About Me

Beats of Pieces is a blog about life experiences as a teacher, mother and housewife. Simple and small things that make up our life that is worth remembering will be stored in this blog as a digital library of my family. So one day, my daughter can check this out and see what have been with us!

I am a mother who is more than blessed to have two lovable beings, a one-year-old baby girl and a very supportive husband. I am also grateful to God for my understanding parents, loving siblings, and kind family in law who are a bonus to my blessed life. I love documenting important events of our life and photography is a great medium to accomplish my goal aside from putting every detail in writing. I like taking photos of nature – sunsets and flowers are my favourites and of course… my daughter. 🙂 I’m not a professional photographer or writer so I cannot assure my fellow bloggers that I take best quality photos and great write ups! But I will try my best. 🙂 I will post photos and news about my province too. It is Camiguin island located in the Southern part of the Philippines.1622762_285944258235666_1326941305_n

When I started Beats of Pieces I used Coco Di as my digital signature as you can see in some of my posts but I’m using Elise Daffobelle now. Elise Daffobelle is my name and my daughter’s first name combination


June21 (50)


Thank you for taking time to read about me. Happy blogging, all!

Elise Daffobelle


75 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Thank you for checking my blog! And I fell in love with your blog right away. Love your photos. By the way, congrats on your blogosphere 1st year anniversary! 😀


  2. When I saw your photo, I immediately checked your ‘About Page’, and yes I was right — you’re a Filipino. It’s good to find a blog by a kababayan and from Mindanao at that. I’m from Cagayan de Oro by the way although like you, I’m out of the country at the moment. What a lovely blog! Will visit you here from time to time from now on — hope you don’t mind. Amping kanunay.


  3. Hi, thanks for stopping by my blog and liking my posts. It’s about time I stopped by yours as well. 🙂 I will take some time to explore your new site. As a relatively new blogger, I live in fear that I might also inadvertently destroy my blog as well.


    1. Thanks for visiting. yes I think you will enjoy taking photos of flowers and orchids in Thailand… visit some time 🙂
      You have interesting and great photoworks.


  4. Hi – I just wanted to say too luck to you. You have a lot on your plate but it sounds like you can handle it. Photoshop is a great program in many ways, but it has a steep learning curve. If you are talking about Photoshop Elements that is a whole different story and sounds like it would be better for the things you are planning on doing. Also, depending on your resources and how you shoot your photos you might want to take a look at Adobe Lightroom.


  5. Nice reading about you

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Be in touch. Browse through the category sections, I feel you may find something of your interest.


  6. thank you for stopping by my blog and the like … humbly encouraged by both 🙂

    love the photos … so natural and capture the little Joys in every day life

    blessings on you and your family … praying in anticipation of your sweet baby girl!


  7. Hi Coco Di
    I glad to met you. I read about you and I found you are a wonderful person itself. I like your Blog with Fabulous pictures. I am following your Blog. God Bless you and Keep Blogging…..
    Mona 🙂


    1. Hi Mona,
      Your kind words brighten my day; I treasure them. I’m glad to meet you too on WordPress and happy to follow your blog with amazing photos of colourful flowers!
      Happy blogging! 🙂


  8. Blogs evolve like our lives. Taking the time to share your thoughts, dreams, words, pictures is of great value–keep it up and enjoy! Thanks for stopping by “Laura’sLens” and for the like!


    1. Blogging is a challenge and art for me, through it I learn a lot from artists/bloggers and get inspired by their works. Thanks for your visit too! Wish you well!


  9. Words I ever written in blog>> first time for you: Your blog is so amazing very dedicated writer you are. Really god bless you! (May be so boring words, but from bottom of my heart i wish a very happy life . nice blogger you are)


    1. Thank you so much for your kind words! They are cool breeze to me in this hot evening in Thailand. 🙂
      I wish you the same gracious intentions. Happy blogging always!


    1. Thank you for your comment, Rachel! You have an enjoyable blog as well. I like your photos of nature and buildings.
      I am following you to see more of your ecology escapades. Happy blogging!


  10. Hello Coco, thank you for stopping by and following trashbus! I am looking forward to exploring you blog, too – it looks really nice and I’ll definitely read post or two 😉


  11. Glad you enjoyed leafing through my pages. Thanks Coco! Actually its my photoblog, stuffblog, whatever.. and my original site is malate.wordpress.com CHEERS!


  12. Hi, Coco. Thanks for the follow and leading me here to your blog. Keep up the good work and here’s wishing that you can find more wonderful things to write about. 🙂


  13. Goodluck to your newly created “second” blog. Truly sad to have lost the first one. But your experience have grown from it and your intellectual exercises in writing would be sharper and brighter this time. Take your time. By the way, I love your profile photo (wink wink). Have a nice day!!


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