I’m from Camiguin, Philippines

Philippines is composed of 3 mainlands: Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. In northern Mindanao, there you can find my home island province named Camiguin. It is a small and peaceful island where most people are warm and live in an uncomplicated life. I spent most of my childhood days in the island. I left when I pursued my College education and visit again on occasions only. When I started to work I can hardly spend long holidays back home with the family. Work makes me miss Camiguin!

Katibawasan falls


Mount Hibok-hibok, an active volcano.
The sunken cemetery. History says, the cemetery sunk after Mount Hibok-hibok erupted in 1950’s. Now it’s underwater and became a diving site for locals and tourists.
Ferries that transports locals and tourists to the island and back to the mainland.
San Nicolas de Tolentino Parish Church in the capital town of Mambajao



17 thoughts on “I’m from Camiguin, Philippines

  1. Hello!
    Salamat for visiting my blog! How I stumbled on yours, I cannot remember anymore, hahahaha!
    I hope to get in touch on your blog [soon] to wonder and open my eyes to places you wondered. Take care and be well for you and baby.

    Warm wishes to you,


  2. Hi Coco,
    Thank you for liking one of my posts. It’s a great thing knowing that you’re from Camiguin. I am wanting to travel to your province and get to experience the beautiful beaches. I love the beach. I like how you photographed the spots to visit there in Camiguin.

    To happy blogging,


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