Digging Up Your Digs

500 years from now, an archaeologist accidentally stumbles on the ruins of your home, long buried underground. What will she learn about early-21st-century humans by going through (what remains of) your stuff?


A framed or laminated photo of my little one playing or holding a 21st century gadget. I don’t have a chest of gold but I have numbers of photo albums and frames of my daughter that I really keep in a safe place. There are unexpected disasters or calamities like floods or earthquakes in the Philippines so I have them all in a safe ground. Just protecting all precious memories. 🙂



Daily Prompt: Frame of Mind

If you could paint your current mood onto a canvas, what would that painting look like? What would it depict?

I love what I do, but I resent what I see

Struggling to free from dilemmas that surround me,

negative thoughts that kill my sanity

So when before me, choices were laid

Which makes me angry or makes me happy?

I made myself free, I decided

Get back to life, smile and peace

I chose home and family

There I see a canvas of a contented me

My Ultimate Vending Wish

Daily Prompt: Vending Wishes

Soft drinks, electronics, nutrient-free snacks — you can get all of those from a vending machine. But what type of vending machine is sorely needed but doesn’t yet exist? Share your automated retail fantasies with us!


After my every snacks or meal I go to this machine.

I insert coins.

It’s door opens.

I get inside and few minutes later…

I come out few pounds less.

Everyday I go to this machine until I get back to my ideal weight and size.

I will call it slimming vending machine…


(this sounds weird, haha)

I used to weigh 50kls in 2006. After the baby in 2013, I weighed 67 kls. Due to my desire to at least drop a few kilos, I started my diet and exercise 3 weeks ago. Now I’m down to 63. 🙂 I wish the vending machine is real so that getting slim is a no sweat process!

The Daily Post: Right to Brag


I am proud to say that for the first time in eight years of teaching, I accepted my current task without complaints 😀 I survived too in my daily challenges of teaching impulsive and headstrong adolescents.

Life was a little easier with a working space like this…
but it gets tougher with a working station like this… These books are from one class of 49 students…had to mark 4-6 pages each. Books and notebooks of another 12 classes with 30+ students are hidden… 🙂

Yes, I complain a lot. But this time I prefer silence for moaning gets me nowhere. Besides I only have less than 2 months to work like these. After that I will be a full-time mother. And the decision to give up teaching and be a full-time homemaker is the proudest and toughest thing I’ve made these days.

Sydnee at 8 months
Sydnee at 8 months

Most importantly, I’ve never been prouder in my life for having this little girl! She’s the best decision we’ve ever made.

Worlds Colliding: Hot and Cold

Sometimes I like to question people telling me“be yourself and stay true!” Which self are they referring to? My being A who’s quiet, cool and homebody island girl? Or being me as B who’s sarcastic, hot-tempered and a whiner at work?  I always stay true, depends on where, and whom I’m taking to… or depends entirely in the mood!

 My recent homecoming to my motherland was a bit longer than the previous – two months. Enough time and chances that my two personalities may show up and battle against each other. So I stayed with my family whom I’ve not seen for 6 years. Of course many things have changed between us and I’m not sure if we still know each other or the years have made us strangers in the family.

 Before I get there I thought I found the perfect time to take a break from the pressures at work that really brings out my worst personality B. I could put aside my grumpy behavior and being a stickler to policies and proprieties. I don’t want personality B to come with me to where personality A is being loved…


The first day I arrived, there was already a family gathering… the next day too and the day after… There seemed endless karaoke, partying and eating in queue which didn’t give me the time I need to relax.

I started to show a frowning face and a complaining attitude… even rubbing my opinions and ways of certain thing which totally put my parents in daze. My in-laws too who have not known me and who were in the process of knowing me well were present so I need to switch back to personality A like an ‘auto mode’ to show the soft-spoken, mature and meek character of A… (must be done to save my family and husband’s reputation that-kind-of-thing !)

Arrghhh… I don’t want to think I am two-faced. I just live in two different worlds and must conform to each lifestyle.

Then these worlds collide because of a certain situation… difficult! Stressful!

Personality A, when in the island-province, is usually quiet and prefers to read books, go to the beach than shop and party with friends. She likes to make her hands dirty in the garden and fertilize the roses and orchids and cook Filipino food that she missed while she was away…

Then some voice in my head: were you just too keen to get a time for yourself that you did not give your family and relatives enough time to be with you..?

Hmmm… is there personality C talking? The thinker, the self-adviser?

Shake my head and dismiss the idea!

Since I’m back at work personality A only shows up when I’m at home or out of work. Personality B is in constant complaining of inconsistencies, discrimination and other stuff!

And right now personality C is saying to me: You’re just being true to yourself!

Yah, there’s personality C. Right here, whispering in my head!

Daily Prompt: Quit Being Judgmental

One of my students last year was not not very smart but he’s got pretty good behavior. He looks frail and malnourished with scarry feet and legs as well as arms. He’s got well-maintained clothing though, sadly the clothes did not match with his appearance..? Honesty his outward appearance did not really suggest attractiveness.

One day his mother came to me and asked if I could tutor him privately for a couple of days before the Finals. I accepted and scheduled the tutoring days at their home.

It was a big surprise, literally! I never thought that on the first day, there will be a beautiful car parked outside my place and his mother was in it and brought me to a very big and beautiful house with security guards inspected my ID before I could finally get inside the residence! My jaws really dropped in awe and I could not believe in that instant that the boy has  RICH family! Man! I thought he’s just a son of a farmer. But the fact, his father owns more than two big textile factories and other companies!

I felt ashamed I could not even teach well because of my wrong judgments. I told the story to my co-workers and they too have misjudged the boy!

Daily Prompt: Good Fences?

DSC_0241Who are your neighbors? Are you friends with them, barely say hi, or avoid them altogether? Tell us a story — real or invented — about the people on the other side of your wall (or street, or farm, or… you get the point). 

Photographers, artists, poets: show us NEXT DOOR.


DSC_0232My little space is my haven and I am peaceful in here. My neighbors are Thai people and I’m glad to be next door to them. They are peace-loving and polite people; they don’t play loud music, no banging of doors and even late night parties. If they do so, only on reasonable and special occasions. I guess I found a perfect place to shelter my weary body and mind after the day’s work. Although they don’t start a conversation or even try to have one with me because of the language difficulty, I can sense they’re nice. No word but all smiles is fine with me especially I’m not fluent in Thai to explain or converse with them. So, I find that so harmonious because I want my home to be always in order and quiet. My neighbors say ‘sawadee kha/kap (hi/hello) when I catch them on the stairs on my way to work or back from work, at the laundry area or even when I see them at the nearest shops. For over 4 years of my stay in my apartment, I never heard any trouble caused by the nearby residents.

My neighbors are just perfect for me!

Daily Prompt: Fear Factor – Fear of Caterpillars

Only recently I had a terrible experience with caterpillars. The more I try to stay away from them, the more they seem to attack me and it looks as if they knew I have extreme fear of their kind. The cause of my fear of caterpillars is unknown. I just don’t have a heart for them and as I grow older, an unexplainable dread towards them developed increasingly.

206334_10150145167052484_5985454_aOne day I had no idea how one caterpillar got on to my hair and stayed long there or in my shirt without my knowledge. I noticed a few minutes later, I feel a stinging itchiness around my neck and shoulders. I scratched the itchy area of my neck until it became red and I know sooner or later I could bleed my skin. Yet long before I could manage to further damage my skin, I saw the caterpillar crawling on my arm. Out of fright, I maneuver a hearty scream that made all people around me stare in awe and confusion as to what was happening to me. I was on a public bus en route to city to see few relatives then which explained why I could not change shirts to avoid more itchiness from the creepy creature that traveled around to whichever part of my shoulders, neck or head. The thought of it brought goose bumps!

 Too late to learn that vinegar is a good cure of caterpillar-caused skin inflammation. Although, a Tiger Balm and a virgin coconut oil was of great help to lessen the prickle at the time. My relatives provide some for me to ease the itchy feeling.

My caterpillar tragedy did not start or end that day. As if fate toyed and tested my endurance and patience to these miniature monsters. I saw bunch of black tiny caterpillars on the way to work before the bus incident. They marched in battalions that set me off to a zigzag walk. And the day after the bus drama, a huge one managed to enter my room uninvited. These pissed me off and saddened me at the same time. How can these little living things intimidate me? However I run away from these crawlies – centipedes, caterpillars, millipedes, etc., I always see them anywhere. So I decided to buy plenty of Baygon spray and spray all over the room floors and walls hoping they stay away for awhile so at least I can regain composure from their terrorism.

To calm my pounding heart I posted on Facebook as a status: Just posted a note outside my door: “NO ENTRY, all creepy crawlies and caterpillars! Death Penalty awaits violators!”


My entry to Daily Prompt: Fear Factor