Bukayo in Palitaw

We call this ‘bukayo’ in the Philippines.

Coconut meat is grated, mixed with brown sugar and cooked until brown in medium heat… (hmm, I miss the smell of this delicacy 😉 ) When the mixture is cooled, a dough of glutenous rice powder is prepared; cooked by dipping in boiling water in a few minutes. (You will know the dough is cooked because when you drop it in boiling water it sinks, when it is cooked it floats – ‘litaw’.) Cool the dough and place the cooked grated coconut meat in the center. Make into small balls and sprinkle with finely grated raw coconut meats and white sugar.

Enjoy your bukayo in palitaw!



glutenous rice

grated coconut meat

brown sugar

white sugar


animated smile photo: Smile cute33.gif

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