Short Trips – Thailand

I like sightseeing and travelling but I don’t have the financial means to pursue world travels. My work gives me enough for my needs and little extra wants. I can travel locally and to neighboring countries only where I can easily fly back home and work after long weekend and holidays.

The first short and unforgettable trip I had was in Nong Nooch Botanical Garden in Pattaya, Thailand. It was a vast garden where you can find different kinds of tropical flowers and orchids. There are many activities you can engage yourself in such as elephant ride, boat riding in a man-made lake, tour around the area with a tram, a visit to its mini stone henge, see more French designed garden, witness the Thai Cultural Show and the Elephant Show. The Thai Cultural Show showcases Thai dances. Elephant shows feature elephants dancing in hollahoops, playing football and basketball and even painting T-shirts. You get the chance to get near to elephants and feed them too or to some other exotic animals provided you pay in few Baht.

When I went to Nong Nooch, I paid 450 baht for entrance exclusive for tram and food.

Inside the area, a canteen serves different Thai food and refreshments too.


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