Weekly Photo Challenge: Layer

My entry to this week’s photo challenge: Layer.  This a homemade delicacy in the province of Camiguin, Philippines. It is called ‘kiping’ by the locals. It is made from ground or grated cassava topped with caramelized thick coconut milk and molasses.

Layers of  yummy and sweet kiping in Camiguin
This is how the top looks like.




Worst Times

A flower with prayers for typhoon victims

My heart bleeds for what happened in Central Philippines – Samar and Leyte and neighboring typhoon affected provinces. The news I see on every network is heartbreaking and I know how difficult it is for my fellow Pinoys out there. I’ve been in similar situation when I was a kid but theirs now is totally devastating and traumatic than what I’ve witnessed and experienced long ago.

I stopped watching news because it breaks my heart to see the pitiful sight.  However I read online news but skip the photos. I still want to know if the conditions have become better as days go by. I also learn that many foreign countries heartily donate goods, money and services to the victims. I am so humbled by the concern of the world.

The only thing I can do now is to offer my fervent prayers for the victims and participate in giving donations and clothes to be transported to the Philippines from Thailand.

And through this blog, I am thanking the countries who are helping my fellowmen in this worst times… Thank you, we are forever indebted to you!

Weekly Photo Challenge: The Hue of You

⊱✿ My entry for this week’s photo challenge ✿⊰

These are my old photographs when I went to Safari World in Bangkok few years ago.I use these photos for this week’s challenge because I believe they show what the challenge asks. 🙂 The themed park used and I guess is still using very colorful decorations. I love the colorful giant bird sculpture that also serves a a telephone booth. It really catches attention to children and adults or to the visitors in general.

I love red. 😀

I was so glad I wore red during that tour because I felt being part of the area and theme. It made me feel like a child again. 🙂

I found my long lost sisters 😀 See our colors? 🙂

Fern for Life

Vegetable fern (Diplazium esculentum) is an edible fern found throughout Asia and Oceania. It is probably the most commonly consumed fern. The young fronds are stir-fried as a “vegetable” or used in salads. (Wikipedia)

In the Philippines, these ferns are called ‘pako’ or ‘paco’ and ‘pijai’ or it depends on which part in the islands you’re in. If you’re in the north, it’s most probably ‘paco’ and it’s ‘pijai’ in the south.

This kind of ferns are  packed with nutrients such as Vitamin B, A, iron, calcium and phosphorus. They grow in the grasslands and in moist and cool areas. It is abundant in the province where I grew up but since they are common to us, we seldom eat or just ignored them. However, there were times we craved for fern salad, so we prepare one that looked the same as the photo below. We only use the young sprout and leaves then throw away the firm stalk because the stalks are not tasty at all.


To prepare: Separate the shoots and hard stalks. Boil some water and dip fresh ferns in the boiling water in a minute or two. Do not overcook. Ready some onions, ginger, salt, tomato, vinegar, (salted egg,optional) and mix altogether.  Enjoy your fern salad! 🙂

Angry Birds

I grew up in a province where every Sunday afternoon, men gather for a cock fight. I guess it has become a tradition and even a vice to many Filipino men. My father and brother breed roosters and this is where I got these photos from in one of my visits home.


Since I was curious how a cockpit looks like during a fight, I went in and observed with my fiancé. Inside, one can feel the emotions of the betting men in every soar and attack of every hostile cockerel. For me the bettors looked like cheerleaders less the pom-poms and make up. The rise and fall of their voices went along the gliding and assailing of the birds.  I found some  men with funny expressions when they shout as support to their bets.  And some others who lose big time just looked like they lose their world too!
(I regret I did not have the courage to take photos inside the cockpit. Someone said it’s bad luck and some people don’t want to be seen gambling so I just respect their preferences…)

angry cock

But there’s one thing that makes me wonder most. Before a fight starts, the men who hold the roosters move two roosters closer together until one peck and the other strike back. Are these birds really that angry with one another without cause? Even at home, my father took one from its cage and move it closer to another who’s cooped up, then instantly they start acting unfriendly and virulent. Are they naturally born to kill each other? The hens don’t act that way though, only when someone tries to threaten to catch their chicks or take their eggs. But the roosters seem always aggressive! For that reason I call them angry birds!