Happy First Birthday Babylove


Tarpaulin layout for her first birthday party… can’t wait… 🙂

It’s been a year that the Lord has blessed us with a priceless present – our daughter. Thank you Lord for giving us insurmountable joy and flashes of pure affection. We praise your name!

a pretty little Cronut cake 🙂

Happy First Birthday, Sydnee Elise!


The Daily Post: Right to Brag


I am proud to say that for the first time in eight years of teaching, I accepted my current task without complaints 😀 I survived too in my daily challenges of teaching impulsive and headstrong adolescents.

Life was a little easier with a working space like this…
but it gets tougher with a working station like this… These books are from one class of 49 students…had to mark 4-6 pages each. Books and notebooks of another 12 classes with 30+ students are hidden… 🙂

Yes, I complain a lot. But this time I prefer silence for moaning gets me nowhere. Besides I only have less than 2 months to work like these. After that I will be a full-time mother. And the decision to give up teaching and be a full-time homemaker is the proudest and toughest thing I’ve made these days.

Sydnee at 8 months
Sydnee at 8 months

Most importantly, I’ve never been prouder in my life for having this little girl! She’s the best decision we’ve ever made.

Summer Fun 2014

It was a fun and perfect summer for me! Two months away from hassles and working was a great opportunity to be with my family and friends as well as a great chance to wander around the place I am missing for long. I’ve waited for the perfect time to spend great days with people I value much and it happened recently. I could not ask for more from God. He gave me more than what I have asked for: perfect health, supportive partner, healthy and graceful daughter, affectionate family and in-laws!

Perfect days for trekking, swimming and hiking offered me the best time and nature’s admirable sights…

Then my daughter and I got a trip to a famous beach in South-Eastern part of the Philippines. Much obliged to my sister-in-law’s family for the best accommodation and tour at their region’s famous beach resort. I hope to visit again one day and stay longer, discover more of what such beautiful place offers…

My relatives from distant cities had a chance to see my daughter when we visited them. It’s been a while that I haven’t visited some special people who have unconditionally helped me who I become today… I’m so glad to see my uncle and aunt adore my little girl so much… so grateful to God for sending these kind of people in my life! 

I got to see some special friends too who always care about me and who were all smiles when I arrived at their place. I feel lucky to have such great and dependable people that I call friends. See you again and may the Almighty keep you capable and abundant.

Food played a big role of my happy vacation. There was never an occasion or gathering without food! I gained few pounds but it was fine with me. Filipinos love to gather and eat, eat, eat! 🙂 And now it’s time to seriously go on diet… again! 😀

Summer fun and quality time with my daughter made her shine! She got to stay in the Philippines for few months though. I had to leave dear one for a very logical reason. I’m missing you so much and I’ll see you again very soon my baby! I won’t be long… (>‿◠)✌


Baby and I had the grandest time to be with my family, nieces and nephews with lots of time partying, wandering and eating. Indeed, vacation time is family time. I wish it never ended but reality gets in the way so here I am now, back at work and back in blogosphere again.

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Sydnee’s 6th Month and a Selfie


So thankful that my little girl is growing healthy and well. She’s 6 months now and she grows vivacious! It’s easy to make her laugh and smile. Even strangers or nurses at the hospital where we had her immunization were pleased at her friendly manners.

On her 6th month birthday, I let her wore her new dress which liked very much. I bought it along with her baptismal white dress. I thought she’d feel discomfort since the material is not as soft as cotton cloth but I was wrong. The little princess seemed to make a curtsy and I took it as a ‘thank you, mom!’  🙂


Her Aunt Theresa was so  delighted when Sydnee mimic her for a selfie pose! This little girl really knows how to lift our spirits after a very tiring day. And we all love this photo! 🙂

VDay Greetings: To My Sister


I must have done something good that God rewarded me a sister who:
cares without condition;
understands without questions;
listens without doubt of my every word;
I must have forgotten to utter my thanks and praises to God
that He reminded me of being nice and kind, hence,
sent my sister as an example.


I wish you joy on Valentine’s Day, my sister, my angel!  😀

Vday Greetings: To My Daughter

You’re one of the most precious gifts I have
You’re the symbol of love and courage I gave
And you will be loved with no bounds

I love you!


(I dedicate my daily posts (10-14February 2014) to the people I love.)

¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨)
(¸.•´ (¸.•` ¤ Let love reign in our hearts!


Weekly Photo Challenge: Family


Family ranks top on my list of inspirations! Without my family, I would probably be lost focus in life…

This week I’m back for Weekly Photo Challenge. I was with the family… the reason for my long absence on WordPress blogging! 🙂

Thanks for your time.