Ten Days of Prayer to the Holy Cross, Day 4

Family Tradition Lives On

He who covers and forgives an offense seeks love, but he who repeats or harps on a matter separates even close friends.

Proverbs 17: 9



My Favorite Quotes of Buddha

These are my favorite quotes from Buddha. The quotes inspire me a lot and give me enlightenment after some self-reflections and re-evaluation especially when I feel sad, worried or angry.

I asked about my Thai friend who is a devoted Buddhist about the quotes if all of them are actual words of the Buddha. I do not want to post something untrue and not give credit to whom the inspiring quotes came from. She said there are some (but not pointed out which one) that are not entirely Buddha’s actual words but is associated to Buddha’s teachings. I guess there are words that are altered however the meaning of the motto remains the same hence she said some are not from Buddha. It doesn’t make any difference anyway if they all come from Gautama Siddhartha or not. Wise words are good for the spirit and we need them in dealing daily undertakings. Personally, I like them a lot because they incite good values to maintain good morals and seem to build up new hope that has died. I am in fact guilty of doing against what has been said by these good words from Buddha. That’s probably the most rational reason why I like these quotes a lot; they not only motivate me to do good but to remind me when I tend to go the wrong ways.

“You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.”


I often make fun of my own physical flaws and even ideas and sometimes less caring of my health. When I stumble upon these words, I realized who would love and defend myself if the rest of the world mock me?

y 070

“Do not overrate what you have received, nor envy others. He who envies others does not obtain peace of mind.”


Social influence has a great dragging power, too tough to resist or go against. It demands you to take part of every affairs and fads and fashion. It demands you to show off what you got and tell the world about it. The social media is killing the humility. Vanity is queen. Or am I blaming society to excuse myself for my own fault and ego? I’m afraid to hear my own answer.

y 133

“The wise ones fashioned speech with their thought, sifting it as grain is sifted through a sieve.”


Tact is not my strongest point. Sarcasm maybe. I hurt people with piercing words than swords. I can construct distasteful speech easily when angry. Then I have to deal with shame and guilt at the end of the day. It’s not easy to change an attitude but I will do my best to fashion my language in a classy manner.

y 132

“Teach this triple truth to all: A generous heart, kind speech, and a life of service and compassion are the things which renew humanity.”

Right! I failed at kind speech but not often. I just need more time to practice kinder speech to all people in all occasions and places. 😀

y 122

“I do not believe in a fate that falls on men however they act; but I do believe in a fate that falls on them unless they act.”

Oh yes! We must work in order to put food on our tables. Perseverance and hard work will lead us to where we want to go and what we want to have. I like this quote, because I tend to be lazy and always need a push to work harder, I consider this not the carrot that motivates me to work, but I think it’s the stick that hit gently on my back in order for me to get up and take action!

y 052

“Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without.”

Perfect! Enough said!


y 023


“An idea that is developed and put into action is more important than an idea that exists only as an idea.”

(WORST: If there’s NO idea at all! haha)

Too many people complain a lot of many things and forget how to appreciate what they have got and I am not an exception. I always complain, I have aired many ideas to change some things and systems but when I’m ordered to do such things and start the change I begin to moan again, “too much work”!

I definitely need a personality revamp  😀

y 039

“The tongue like a sharp knife… Kills without drawing blood.” – See more at: http://quotesnsmiles.com/quotes/calming-buddha-quotes/#sthash.1wj9P7QU.dpuf
“The tongue like a sharp knife… Kills without drawing blood.” – See more at: http://quotesnsmiles.com/quotes/calming-buddha-quotes/#sthash.1wj9P7QU.dpuf

“The tongue like a sharp knife… Kills without drawing blood.”

Similar to what’s written above. I really need to mellow on sarcasm and keep my mouth zip when I don’t have nice things to say. Difficult to do where I work but I consider this a challenge. Wish me luck! 😀


Let us be grateful to people who make us happy, they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.

– Marcel Proust

I am more grateful to God for giving me wonderful, unselfish, bubbly and appreciative people who always lift me up when I'm feeling down.
I am more grateful to God for giving me wonderful, unselfish, bubbly and appreciative people who always lift me up when I’m feeling down.

Almost Tired

y 027Everybody could hear the loud buzzing that signaled the start of her lecture. She marched in with huge confidence and joy then scanned the room with her usual playful glares towards frenzied number of teenagers. Seconds, minutes and another minutes have passed, she stood there like no one recognized who she was. Then the smile on her face was immediately replaced with a raised brow and wondering and speculation. The class continued to fool around, threw a fake smile at her, and went on with their misbehavior. Whew!

She struggled to make eye contact to get attention but failed.  Maybe to write few words on the whiteboard would give hints to students that she has arrived, needed to be listened to if not respected of being there at the time. Half the board has been penned yet the chatter increased and chuckles build up! Male students paced in and out of the room…And then she turned to face the class again only to see female students huddled in one corner, on the floor, gossiping and doing each other’s hair-braids…

 Alas, there’s one holding an eye contact with her! But sadly he’s strumming the guitar… She turned to the other side of the room…  another group were busy with their iphones!

 It was an afternoon of total roughhouse! The teacher wanted to yell and scream but opted to step out of the room without a word.

 A thought of disappointment and despair in her head: “You all pass anyway. We are not allowed to fail, yell, or impose disciplinary actions. I may punish you with more works…but my lesson plan has been handed back to me today with a red comment telling me not to give too much work!”

 Another day when a teacher’s love of true teaching is killed that way!

Worlds Colliding: Hot and Cold

Sometimes I like to question people telling me“be yourself and stay true!” Which self are they referring to? My being A who’s quiet, cool and homebody island girl? Or being me as B who’s sarcastic, hot-tempered and a whiner at work?  I always stay true, depends on where, and whom I’m taking to… or depends entirely in the mood!

 My recent homecoming to my motherland was a bit longer than the previous – two months. Enough time and chances that my two personalities may show up and battle against each other. So I stayed with my family whom I’ve not seen for 6 years. Of course many things have changed between us and I’m not sure if we still know each other or the years have made us strangers in the family.

 Before I get there I thought I found the perfect time to take a break from the pressures at work that really brings out my worst personality B. I could put aside my grumpy behavior and being a stickler to policies and proprieties. I don’t want personality B to come with me to where personality A is being loved…


The first day I arrived, there was already a family gathering… the next day too and the day after… There seemed endless karaoke, partying and eating in queue which didn’t give me the time I need to relax.

I started to show a frowning face and a complaining attitude… even rubbing my opinions and ways of certain thing which totally put my parents in daze. My in-laws too who have not known me and who were in the process of knowing me well were present so I need to switch back to personality A like an ‘auto mode’ to show the soft-spoken, mature and meek character of A… (must be done to save my family and husband’s reputation that-kind-of-thing !)

Arrghhh… I don’t want to think I am two-faced. I just live in two different worlds and must conform to each lifestyle.

Then these worlds collide because of a certain situation… difficult! Stressful!

Personality A, when in the island-province, is usually quiet and prefers to read books, go to the beach than shop and party with friends. She likes to make her hands dirty in the garden and fertilize the roses and orchids and cook Filipino food that she missed while she was away…

Then some voice in my head: were you just too keen to get a time for yourself that you did not give your family and relatives enough time to be with you..?

Hmmm… is there personality C talking? The thinker, the self-adviser?

Shake my head and dismiss the idea!

Since I’m back at work personality A only shows up when I’m at home or out of work. Personality B is in constant complaining of inconsistencies, discrimination and other stuff!

And right now personality C is saying to me: You’re just being true to yourself!

Yah, there’s personality C. Right here, whispering in my head!

Just What I Needed… A Relaxing Weekend

y 034
This fountain is greeting every visitors with pride…


We have different ways to add zest to our lives. You may prefer a crowded bar, a romantic restaurant, a popcorn and movie at home, a weekend movie at an exquisite movie house, a drinking session with best buddies or just plain and quiet kind. Just this weekend I preferred the latter… the peaceful one.

y 231
I guess what’s engraved says: Jatuchak Park… I hope I was right! 😀


I spent a day at Jatuchak Park in Bangkok, my favorite weekend stomping ground. The day was with high humidity but it did not stop us to use up some lavish time there. Why is this park always my favorite place to relax? Well, the photos can tell you more than my words I guess.

y 055
Bangkok always offers a perfect weather…
y 082
Anyone is welcome to sit here…
y 116
I think I must try those pedal duck boats and go through under this bridge to the other end

It is a vast park where people could take a nap under the shady trees without disturbance; one can jog around or run and exercise as there are exercise equipments installed in a certain area for free. Food is available when you need something to eat, it is quiet and clean. It is very accessible to malls and markets when you want to shop right after you take relaxation. Transportation like buses, taxis, motorcycles, and trains are easy to find.

y 127
The bridge over calm waters 😀
y 129
One of my favorite snaps… squirrels live in those trees.
y 147
Thai Military Bank loos mighty on this one…
y 149
A man on his solitary moment… 🙂
y 189
What’s left from summer blossoming trees… they still look beautiful. Adds color to the greens!

This park is just perfect for me. The landscaping is neat and the flowers are well-maintained. Most importantly, this park is safe. Security is watchful and looks always prepared. You do not need to worry about petty crimes like stealing belongings, solicitors who just come to you and ask for something or irritating sellers…

y 037
A picnic at the park is not complete without food, water, some fruits and some mags or books. This John Grisham novel is a perfect choice!
y 092
A neat landscaping…
y 105
Really orange…these flowers stand out!
y 134
Pink and White… simply sweet and delicate!
y 165
To complete the looks of a park… flowers play the biggest role and bees make it sweet!

y 098

A park in Thailand is not complete without a lotus flower!
A park in Thailand is not complete without a lotus flower!