Summer Trek



It seems that it’s always summer in the Philippines when typhoon is not making threats or low pressure is not brewing in the pacific ocean. But the day we decided to take a hike to the foot of a mountain was a perfect day for such expedition.
There’s one color that dominates the place. It’s green! From our house going up to the hills and down to the streams everything’s green. The palm trees, coconut trees and grass are in flourishing green.
Saay (2)
That volcano is called Mount Hibok-hibok. I heard that many tourists have climbed on that mountain and even the locals gather at its foot for picnic or camping. One day, I will experience that and of course share such experience on WordPress. 🙂
My aunts who are so eager to reach at our destination. Although sweaty and feeling a bit jaded from the 4 kilometers walk, they were no doubt a player on that day. There used to be cars or trucks pass this road but because of heavy rains that caused soil erosion, the road is impassable by 4-wheel vehicles nowadays. Motorcycles can pass only during dry season but during rainy days, this is next to impossible for motorcycle drivers.
After some heart-stopping climb in hills, we passed by streams that offers a more than a little comfort. This one is clean and its waters come from a cold spring not too far from where I took this photo!
This is what I’m talking about and the destination of my two aunts. This is called Saay Spring. The water is cold and crystal clear and people literally drink from where it originated. Many tourists who like to spend a cool but quiet moment with nature, they come and camp here. Some prefer an overnight stay. They bring their own tent, food and necessary tools for safety and camping. A real experience to be with nature…
I’ve posted this view before but I want to include this on this post.
Aunty enjoying her swim in the cold pool. The pool was not supported by the government, not even owned by a private organization or individual. It is a concerted effort of the inhabitants of the area for their own use and get-together. But because of the area’s unique location and rare quality of water the place became famous to the province. Some tour guides, resorts and hotels recommended this place to their guests too. So those who like nature tripping they come here and spend some time.
Saay (3)
Across the pool is an old house/cottage where occupants are friendly and helpful to tourists and locals on their overnight camping
After we’ve rested enough, I asked my friends to hike further. I know the place and I’ve been there many times. It was first time for my friends so I acted as their guide. We walked through narrow grassy and stony paths.
This is what there’s to see. Another mountain where a large rock serve it’s wall from the ground. It used to be majestic but I guess the climate, weather and farming change its look.
Wild plant and flowers along the way as we went closer to the foot of the mountain
There used to be more varieties of wild flowers but my father said the floods have washed them away. The ashes and lava in the 1950’s created a flat stony, rocky area in between hills. I was lucky enough to see the different wild fruits and even monkeys when I was smaller as my father brought me here when he harvested coconuts in a nearby farm
A closer look at the “rock wall”. I call it the “rock wall” the first time I saw it because it really looks like a wall made of rock. My father said that I was petrified the first time we came here because I thought there were ghosts, fairies and aliens hiding inside. 😀
When I was smaller the cashew trees are numerous in this area. My father’s friend had a cashew plantation close to the area. This is the only tree left after several floods uprooted them.
Wild ferns and grasses with sharp leaves grow here. They are the most common plants that die and grown again no matter how many floods and dry days come to this place. Very tough and persevering plants!
Not much really were there as addition to what I’ve seen 15 years ago. Though the place changed a lot. We went home tired that day but all of us enjoyed the long walk. It was a fun thing we done during summer. I was glad I visited that place again.



Nature Showers

No words, no music


No words, no music

No laughter, no chatter

Just listen as the water drops…

so fresh…

so peaceful

The Daily Post: Right to Brag


I am proud to say that for the first time in eight years of teaching, I accepted my current task without complaints 😀 I survived too in my daily challenges of teaching impulsive and headstrong adolescents.

Life was a little easier with a working space like this…
but it gets tougher with a working station like this… These books are from one class of 49 students…had to mark 4-6 pages each. Books and notebooks of another 12 classes with 30+ students are hidden… 🙂

Yes, I complain a lot. But this time I prefer silence for moaning gets me nowhere. Besides I only have less than 2 months to work like these. After that I will be a full-time mother. And the decision to give up teaching and be a full-time homemaker is the proudest and toughest thing I’ve made these days.

Sydnee at 8 months
Sydnee at 8 months

Most importantly, I’ve never been prouder in my life for having this little girl! She’s the best decision we’ve ever made.

Worlds Colliding: Hot and Cold

Sometimes I like to question people telling me“be yourself and stay true!” Which self are they referring to? My being A who’s quiet, cool and homebody island girl? Or being me as B who’s sarcastic, hot-tempered and a whiner at work?  I always stay true, depends on where, and whom I’m taking to… or depends entirely in the mood!

 My recent homecoming to my motherland was a bit longer than the previous – two months. Enough time and chances that my two personalities may show up and battle against each other. So I stayed with my family whom I’ve not seen for 6 years. Of course many things have changed between us and I’m not sure if we still know each other or the years have made us strangers in the family.

 Before I get there I thought I found the perfect time to take a break from the pressures at work that really brings out my worst personality B. I could put aside my grumpy behavior and being a stickler to policies and proprieties. I don’t want personality B to come with me to where personality A is being loved…


The first day I arrived, there was already a family gathering… the next day too and the day after… There seemed endless karaoke, partying and eating in queue which didn’t give me the time I need to relax.

I started to show a frowning face and a complaining attitude… even rubbing my opinions and ways of certain thing which totally put my parents in daze. My in-laws too who have not known me and who were in the process of knowing me well were present so I need to switch back to personality A like an ‘auto mode’ to show the soft-spoken, mature and meek character of A… (must be done to save my family and husband’s reputation that-kind-of-thing !)

Arrghhh… I don’t want to think I am two-faced. I just live in two different worlds and must conform to each lifestyle.

Then these worlds collide because of a certain situation… difficult! Stressful!

Personality A, when in the island-province, is usually quiet and prefers to read books, go to the beach than shop and party with friends. She likes to make her hands dirty in the garden and fertilize the roses and orchids and cook Filipino food that she missed while she was away…

Then some voice in my head: were you just too keen to get a time for yourself that you did not give your family and relatives enough time to be with you..?

Hmmm… is there personality C talking? The thinker, the self-adviser?

Shake my head and dismiss the idea!

Since I’m back at work personality A only shows up when I’m at home or out of work. Personality B is in constant complaining of inconsistencies, discrimination and other stuff!

And right now personality C is saying to me: You’re just being true to yourself!

Yah, there’s personality C. Right here, whispering in my head!

5 of 100 Blessed Mornings…



It’s Friday!

And it’s the last school day of May! I’ve been waiting for you to come and bid May goodbye! I can feel June air in the near distance on this lovely morning.

I hope today is a good day unlike how my Thursday ended. Despite my whines and sighs I managed to chose goodness and that’s what’s important. Today, I promised myself to refrain from swearing because of another’s shortcomings rather stretch my patience a little. 😀

Have a lovely Friday everyone!

Summer Fun 2014

It was a fun and perfect summer for me! Two months away from hassles and working was a great opportunity to be with my family and friends as well as a great chance to wander around the place I am missing for long. I’ve waited for the perfect time to spend great days with people I value much and it happened recently. I could not ask for more from God. He gave me more than what I have asked for: perfect health, supportive partner, healthy and graceful daughter, affectionate family and in-laws!

Perfect days for trekking, swimming and hiking offered me the best time and nature’s admirable sights…

Then my daughter and I got a trip to a famous beach in South-Eastern part of the Philippines. Much obliged to my sister-in-law’s family for the best accommodation and tour at their region’s famous beach resort. I hope to visit again one day and stay longer, discover more of what such beautiful place offers…

My relatives from distant cities had a chance to see my daughter when we visited them. It’s been a while that I haven’t visited some special people who have unconditionally helped me who I become today… I’m so glad to see my uncle and aunt adore my little girl so much… so grateful to God for sending these kind of people in my life! 

I got to see some special friends too who always care about me and who were all smiles when I arrived at their place. I feel lucky to have such great and dependable people that I call friends. See you again and may the Almighty keep you capable and abundant.

Food played a big role of my happy vacation. There was never an occasion or gathering without food! I gained few pounds but it was fine with me. Filipinos love to gather and eat, eat, eat! 🙂 And now it’s time to seriously go on diet… again! 😀

Summer fun and quality time with my daughter made her shine! She got to stay in the Philippines for few months though. I had to leave dear one for a very logical reason. I’m missing you so much and I’ll see you again very soon my baby! I won’t be long… (>‿◠)✌


Baby and I had the grandest time to be with my family, nieces and nephews with lots of time partying, wandering and eating. Indeed, vacation time is family time. I wish it never ended but reality gets in the way so here I am now, back at work and back in blogosphere again.

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