Worst Times

A flower with prayers for typhoon victims

My heart bleeds for what happened in Central Philippines – Samar and Leyte and neighboring typhoon affected provinces. The news I see on every network is heartbreaking and I know how difficult it is for my fellow Pinoys out there. I’ve been in similar situation when I was a kid but theirs now is totally devastating and traumatic than what I’ve witnessed and experienced long ago.

I stopped watching news because it breaks my heart to see the pitiful sight.  However I read online news but skip the photos. I still want to know if the conditions have become better as days go by. I also learn that many foreign countries heartily donate goods, money and services to the victims. I am so humbled by the concern of the world.

The only thing I can do now is to offer my fervent prayers for the victims and participate in giving donations and clothes to be transported to the Philippines from Thailand.

And through this blog, I am thanking the countries who are helping my fellowmen in this worst times… Thank you, we are forever indebted to you!