New Family

Meeting different people with different culture is both an exciting and challenging experience as well as significant events in our lives for we learn from them not only their ways but also their values, language, lifestyles, work ethics and even sense of commitments. I am beyond joy to have lived such opportunity. It gave me generous quality of learning that I must embrace my entire life. Today, my new co-workers in my new school are my new family as well. I will have another kind of values and ways to learn from these people who work with joy and value true education. I have so many expectations and hopes that with any luck will be seen as real success soon.

My first words when I started on my first day were ‘I am home.’ Truly I am home for many years of being away from the country and serve or educate foreign students, I feel I found the right place to stay and devote my commitment and forte for REAL. It dawned on me that I was wanted by my students elsewhere and here I am needed in the sense that these young ones deserve real works. As much as possible I devote my time teaching no-nonsense stuffs to those who are willing to accept them than to those who only wanted certificates.

Now that I am completing my first month in a school that holds a special spot in my being, I feel proud and glad. Proud that I’m part of an institution that involves God in the process of educating the youth and glad that I am trusted to help better in the shaping of the formative years of our future professionals together with my new family.DSC_0333



It’s been two years since my last post because I failed to recall my password. Everytime I made an attempt to reopen my blog I get thwarted and I thought of deleting the blog for good. But then again I need the password to delete it.  One day I realized, this blog had been my oldest online journal and it means a lot to me so I made an effort to locate my old notes where I wrote the details of Beats of Pieces. Thankfully after many strenuous searching, I am now posting my reappearance story.

It’s also been two years since I said goodbye to teaching. I thought I really turned my back to the said profession but I think I am really destined to be a teacher for I found myself training young bloods again. This time it’s in my home country, the Philippines. The reason I left educating youths in Thailand was to personally parent or raise my daughter and now that she’s almost ready for school I feel the need to do something sensible so that she will be proud of me someday.

I know that blogging requires time from me so I am hoping and trying my best that I would be regularly posting and sharing a lot of photos and stories of my new job, new home, new life and new family. This time is even busier and more challenging days for me because aside from my home and family, I have students and lessons to attend to and a post-graduate study to deal with.y 144

Love is a Ghost

Love is a young, beautiful and ambitious manager who strives for perfection in every work. She comes early at work, smiles at everyone but give calculating eyes to every scared subordinates. She’s strict and always adheres to rules and regulations. She even makes her own system so that people will yield the perfection she wanted for.

One morning, the workers are happy discussing their weekend affairs in the office. Everyone share their experiences and holidays with their families that they completely forgot they are too loud. Suddenly Love arrived and everyone automatically get back to their respective desks as if they’ve done a crime and caught in the act. Love was surprised at the scene and asked what happened. Nobody gives proper answers but only a weak smile and said ‘nothing’.

That day ended and she thought the people talked about her and immediately discontinue the conversation when she showed up. She’s a little upset and thought her co-workers made her feel out of place in her own workplace where they supposed to co-work with her and even be friendly and not aloof.

DSC_0154She confided to her secretary about the behavior of the working group. Her secretary did not say a word but handed her two sheets of paper. The first one reads:

1. You are like a ghost that suddenly appears from nowhere because you hide behind doors and observe what we do or what we talk.

2. Your people cannot work comfortably when you’re around.

3. You destroy friendships rather build a good relationship between you and your people.

4. You were never a good leader but you are a perfect fault-finder.

5. You can’t be pleased because you don’t find the good thing in people; you expect us to fail so you have someone to blame when you fail too.

6. You never acted like a boss. You’re just bossy.

7. You threaten us with deductions and dismissal of work instead of giving us support and motivations.

8. You chain us in fear… of you.

She felt embarrassed when she finished reading and looked for her secretary who has left already. She took the second paper and found out it’s her secretary’s resignation letter. Now Love is left with piles of work with no one to assist her. She looked outside and her subordinates pretend to know nothing.

    Moral of the story:

A leader should have a LIFE because nobody really likes a ghost! 😀 😀